Stock oristarcorp organization born in 2000, is not stainless steel manufacturers (stainless steel) leading in Vietnam. In recent years our organization has built a network system users nationwide. 2004 with strong demand of the Industry level. now we have factories on the market enterprises, Ltd Hung Yen oristarcorp initial supply items box tube industry, in 2008 enterprises continue to invest in installing machinery production line of stainless steel products page diverse ownership position line. now we are the largest supplier of Vietnam’s stainless steel corporations globally nực as: Italy, England, Spain, India, Taiwan …

along with trade groups professional staff, Warm always enthusiastic and committed, our unit has built a network of customers across the country and are always looking forward to the future growth of mutually beneficial collaboration.

In the coming 20 years, the organization has served Stock oristarcorp thousands of users to tens of thousands of ownership, with different sectors: cement, oil and gas, shipbuilding, Beer, Sugar, Dairy Products, Chemicals, Food , water tank, Household Appliances export, Construction, Home Decor, Elevators, Engineering, manufacturing Engineering, Fertilizers, Health, Environment, water supply, Electricity, Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles , refrigeration electrical Engineering, Fisheries, washing machines, …

business lines

Stainless steel trading ko (inox)

supply pipe, stainless steel box (industrial and civil), Vegas angle …

Import Export of the stainless steel ko.

Consultants use stainless steel products.

Strong orientation

Our main goal is to grow the domestic market affordable and diverse set cap.Cong pipeline company always welcomes partners across the country to our property. We look forward to collaboration with community partners together sustainability and community development.

We always try to train to energetically product innovation and ever-increasing business efficiency to bring you products of the highest quality, most complete supplier

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Our success relies on proper growth, strategic vision and the customer care experience for many years.

Word first allow me on behalf of the enterprise Stock oristarcorp you would like to send you words

good health and best wishes. Users wish you successful and increasingly popular.
During the operation more than a decade in the supply lines and production of stainless steel in Vietnam market, we have created the success not only in terms of quality but also the national competent you high on the supply providers, manufacturers and after-sales relationship always create lasting collaboration partners beneficial ownership community.

Your success has demonstrated the unlimited development of the business we toi.No affirmed the right step in our past time.

bring rich source distribution, import diverse units within the famous corporation in the world, stainless steel products our lakes always solve all your needs in technology, Africa.We quality and detailed supplier pride is cheapest for even the most discerning guests are also satisfied. We are committed and take obligations to customers about their products.

now our factory is speculation by the contemporary lines, the most advanced in the world, owns the guidance of foreign experts and the ranks of workers, skilled workers and bring the system rigorous quality testing to make good products nhat.Luon self-improvement is the principle of existence of our units. Depth understanding of the standards and criteria for the technology, solid goods, labor effort and duty always towards the success of our customers is our main target.

This website has to offer, we look forward to providing the customers the true informed about the product, the scientific criteria. about delayed bringing practical benefits for users. We would like to thank the continued support, and the valuable feedback of the customers to the company during the recent period.